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NIME 2008

Finally found some time to blog about my trip to the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conference in Genoa, Italy a couple of weeks back. The conference was organised and hosted this year by Casa PaganiniInfoMus Lab, DIST, Università degli Studi di Genova, at various venues around Genoa, consisting of 3 days of paper, poster and demo sessions with concert and club performances in the evening.

These are some of my highlights, I will post links to all the relevant papers once they are published on the NIME web site

Flickr photo set here


Application of new Fiber and Malleable Materials for Agile Development of Augmented Instruments and Controllers
Adrian Freed

One of the more entertaining papers, Adrian Freed from CNMAT is doing some interesting work on rapid prototyping using conductive and resistive fabrics, he dispensed with his powerpoint presentation and proceed to throw some materials and prototypes into the audience.

Adrian Freed’s Blog

Practical Hardware and Algorithms for Creating Haptic Musical Instruments
Edgar Berdahl, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Collin Oldham

Two haptic ( force feedback ) controller prototypes, best explained by the following videos.

Haptic Drum


Sormina – a new virtual and tangible instrument
Juhani Räisänen


Oto-Shigure: An Umbrella-Shaped Sound Generator for Musical Expressio
Yusuke Kamiyama, Mai Tanaka, Hiroya Tanaka

This is an umbrella with an array of small vibration motors arranged around the edge which effectively turn it into a loud speaker, you can only hear the sound standing directly below the umbrella, the sound can be spatialised via a hand held touch pad.

video via yukke60

Bent Leather Band
Stuart Favilla, Joanne Cannon, Tony Hicks


The Pencil Project
Martin Messier, Jacques Poulin-Denis

Keo Improvisation for sensor instrument Qgo
Chikashi Miyama

Performance for voice improvisation, Qgo sensor instrument and live electronics.

FeedForward Cinema
Luka Dekleva, Miha Ciglar, Luka Princic

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    August 3, 2008

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    August 10, 2008

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