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Threep live @ Summer Sundae

Threep, originally uploaded by dexter_mixwith.

The Bathysphere stage at Summer Sundae was a big success again this year with a great line up of experimental music and electronica, some great sets from Raster-Noton‘s  Frank Bretschneider, the SK1 wielding Philip Jeck, percussionist Joby Burgess’ Powerplant and host of other artists, check the Bathysphere site for full line up.  Saturday saw the first live outing of our studio project Threep. With modular synth center stage (LED’s blinking away like a christmas tree) flanked by Chris armed with a library of field recordings and max externals and myself with an arsenal of circuit bent instruments and analogue filters.

Summer Sundae 2008
, originally uploaded by jaeneas.

Chris kicked off thr proceedings with 8 channels of his fridge humming away as rehearsed, from there on the set was entirely improvised. Gear used includes the Chaos Sequencer, Echo Destruktor, Grillo Parlante, Keytar and a freshly bent Casio MT249.  25 minutes in we were joined onstage by Neal Unreal taking center stage with his ‘Electro Magnetic Wands‘ There was a notable Merzbow influence in places as all three of us were involved with the ‘Dirty Electronics Ensemble‘ project.

Threep featuring Neal Unreal
, originally uploaded by www.inventory-photo.co.uk

The set was filmed and recorded.

Flickr photo set here

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