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Bending Workshop at South Hill Park Digital Media Centre

Tiny Touch

Coming up this month is a 2 bending workshop I will be running at South Hill Park Digital Media Centre in Bracknell. Day 1 will focus on building a Dub Siren from a Vtech Tiny Touch Phone (similar to my Pulse Machine), learning about general bending techniques, component selection, modulation with an additional LFO circuit and interface design.
Day 2 will focus on sequencing with an analogue modular synthesizer and a cross patching matrix. I am currently custom building a 4 channel CV sequencer into which participants can connect their Dub Sirens, a seperate patching matrix will take advantage of a particular characteristic of the Tiny Touch where quite complex evolving sequences can be created by directly “cross bending” several circuits together.

The workshop takes place on 22nd and 23rd of November
Weekend ticket: £116.00 (includes all component costs)

for more info and booking go to www.digitalmediacentre.org

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