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Threep live at the National Space Centre

Photograph by Sally HossackPhoto by Sally Hossack

One of my other musical projects “Threep” saw it’s second live outing last weekend in the Planetarium at Leicester’s National Space Centre.  The first half of the concert was the world premier of Chris Cousin‘s Many Coloured Days presented in surround sound with 360 degree video projections on the dome by Sean Clark and myself. After the interval Chris and myself performed as Threep, an entirely improvised performance with 180 degree retina singeing visuals by Vent Media.

Photo by Stephen Lynch

My live set up for the show consisted of my Chaos Sequencer, Echo Destruktor, Abrahack Time Machine, Casio MT240 and Keytar circuit bent instruments, Doepfer / Analogue Solutions modular synth and Line 6 Echo Pro and Filter Pro effects. Chris uses his Mac Book Pro with a host of Max patches, granular synthesis software, field recordings and custom controllers.  Video from the event will be online soon.
In the mean time check Sally Hossack’s pictures from the sound check below.

The gig was promoted by Bathysphere and was part of the Arena Festival of Contemporary Art.


One comment on “Threep live at the National Space Centre

  1. Jim
    November 11, 2008

    check the video link on the vent blog

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