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4 channel analogue sequencer

4 channel analogue sequencer by ASMO
, originally uploaded by asmo23.

This is the sequencer I’ve built in preparation for the workshop I am running this weekend at South Hill Park Digital Media Centre, Bracknell. (see previous post)
I built it using 4 pcb’s from the Curious Inventor‘s Voice of Saturn Sequencer, the case is made from pine with a translucent polycarbonate front panel with the 40 LED’s mounted underneath so it lights up during operation. The 4 sequencers can be run independently from their own individual clocks or synced together from a separate clock source. I will be adding a clock divider to run each sequencer at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 clock speeds in any combination. I also have plans to build a more complex clock to generate non linear sequences.

more pictures on my Flickr page

One comment on “4 channel analogue sequencer

  1. What is the benefit of 4 channel analogue sequencer?

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