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Workshop at South Hill Park Digital Media Center

On November 28th/29th I’ll be teaching a 2 day workshop at South Hill Park Digital Media Centre in Bracknell.
The task for the weekend is to build the Baby 5 Atari Fuzz Console. It’s a modification of Forrest M Mims III ‘s stepped tone generator with the addition of a 5 step sequencer, fuzz circuit and preamp. Below is a video of the prototype on breadboard, the finished instrument will be house in a standard VHS video case or participants can bring along their own box. Check out the following link for booking info http://www.digitalmediacentre.org/courses.html#asmo

2 comments on “Workshop at South Hill Park Digital Media Center

  1. Jon
    October 30, 2009

    I love the addition of the 4017 and the extra pots. Wish I could attend and see the circuit, but its too far away. If you would let me see the schematic or just explain how the 4017 is added it sure would help! Also I draw schematics on the computer and would be willing to draw it in color if it’s not already done.

    Beautiful sound from the 4017 sequencing. Great addition!

    Jon in Florida

  2. Carl Jensen
    December 1, 2009

    As I am looking to build something similar, I would love to get insight into the setup.
    Since I’m making things with bread board and strip board, I’d be happy to share DIYLC and Fritzing drawings of both lyout 🙂

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