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Mute Synth Leatherette Mod for Daniel Miller

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The Mute Synth is a hand held touch controlled synthesizer originally commissioned by Mute Records for the Mute Short Circuit weekend at the Roundhouse, London in May 2011.

This heavily modified version with additional features and controls was built as a commission for Mute Records founder Daniel Miller (hence the leatherette), Daniel asked me to build him one after seeing an earlier modified version I built here.

The Mute Synth features 2 oscillators, feedback and a pulser / sequencer controlled by touch panels and tilt switches, in this modified version all the touch panels are wired to control knobs and switches for stable tuning and accurate control and housed in a wooden case, the front and rear panels are covered in black leatherette.

Added to each of the oscillators and feedback is an LFO (3 in total) for modulation with rate, wave shape and depth controls.

Also added is a voltage controlled (CV input via a 1/4 jack socket on the rear panel) low / band pass filter with resonance and cut off knobs, filter self oscillates at full resonance.

The Mute Synth itself has been naturally weathered in my back garden for 6 weeks to give a nice patina and the touch panels silvered over with solder.

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