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Chrome Gristleism LFO mod

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I’ve modded quite a few Gristleims in the past for various clients in the past, up until now I’d never bothered with the chrome ones.
When they were originally manufactured there was an issue with the batteries shorting out on the chrome coating, to correct this the whole batch had to be reassembled before release (see TG statement), this involved installing an isolated AAA battery holder in the battery compartment.
I’ve had a couple of Chrome Gristleisms lying about my work bench for a while so decided to mod them, they took a little  longer as I had to insulate the additional circuitry from the case, battery life is a little shorter than the black and red with AA batteries but not significant.
I’ve sold one and the other is currently up for sale on Ebay here .
I’m still taking orders for all colours as long as stocks of new Gristleisms remain available, drop me a message via the contact page for details.

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