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Spanish Tiny Touch

This a variation on a circuit bend I’ve done several times before, the Vtech Tiny Touch Phone, which speaks numbers & shapes and nursery rhyme melodies. This one is a Spanish / English speaking version I’ve housed in an old Firewire hard drive case with the addition of a 5 step pitch sequencer and fuzz overdriven through a preamp circuit for extra dirt and warmth. The LED’s from the original toy which flash in time with the audio are mounted behind the 5 oval ventilation holes on the front. The 3 silver posts at the back (desk drawer knobs) are used as touch controls to control pitch for greater expression. The combination of the original circuit and the additions produces a large combination of possible sounds.

Main Power switch
English / Spanish toggle switch
Master Pitch – Low range produces grainy clicks, high produces squeaky pulses
3 Touch posts – Left and centre will pitch down, right and centre pitches up
Pitch Mode switch – Toggle on rear of case switches between master pitch knob & touch posts.
Distortion Select rotary switch – 3 variations, position 1 is off.
Distortion Depth knob
4 Sample trigger push buttons – hold down will loop the sample.
Fuzz – on/off rotary switch
Loop Length toggle switch – short and long
Sequencer Mode rotary switch – Sequential / Off / Random
Sequencer Speed
5 Step Pitch knobs
1⁄4 audio out socket.

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