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Chris Carter and The Dirty Electronics Ensemble

Chris Carter

Every once in a while something quite special comes along in the crazy sonic world of the Dirty Electronics Ensemble.
In the past our leader John Richards has arranged for us to collaborate with some great names in the world of experimental music, including Pauline Oliveros, noise legend Merzbow and Nic Bullen amongst others. Our recent performance with Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Carter Tutti) at Phoenix Square, Leicester was no exception.

The core of the performance revolved around the Dirty Carter E.S.G.I. a postcard sized instrument designed by John and Chris and built by the members of the ensemble in an earlier workshop. Six pieces we’re performed in total by various members of the ensemble.

Set list as follows

Shake ‘n’ Crackle (2mins)
4 Dirty Carters are shaken with increasing intensity

(Photographs by Chris Carter)

Expanding n II (15 mins)
Rich harmonic drone piece with 2 diy spring reverbs accompanied by 2 Dirty Carters

Chris Carter accompanied by John Richards (20 mins)
Improvisation with various instrumentation

Petit Coronation (10 mins)
Rhythmic piece with oscillators, balls and objects plus 4 Dirty Carters

Bed of Nails (20 mins)
Improvisation, Chris and John creating a sonic bed plus 3 Dirty Carters and myself on the Echo Destruktor supplying the nails

Glowworm (10 mins)
The entire 25 piece ensemble and Chris with Dirty Carters

Interview with Chris and John plus excerpts from the concert

Blog about the concert by Miki Strange plus interview with Chris and John

My photos from rehearsals and soundcheck

Chris Carter’s photos from rehearsals and soundcheck

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